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  • To Promote Spiritual principles within our membership and local communities.
  • To educate youth and adults in the area of personal responsibility, leadership potential, and community service.
  • To ensure economic justice and civil rights in the area of discrimination and affirmative action.
  • To eradicate environmental classism and racism whenever it exists.




Our Mission

In the spirit of Martin King, Jr., the Southern Christian Leadership Conference is renewing its commitment to bring about the promise of "one nation, under God, Indivisible" together with the commitment to activate the "strength to love," within the community of humankind.


  • TECHNOLOGY- SCLC will seek to establish Technology Centers through its Chapter base and provide programs for youth and adults that, ultimately, will lead to education and careers in the technology field.
  • EDUCATION  - SCLC will seek to advocate for improvement in the quality of education for African American youth, focusing on race relations, testing, drug abuse, employment, and public policy.
  • ECONOMIC DEVELOPMENT -  SCLC will seek to bridge the employment gaps between the unemployed and underemployed.  The SCLC will focus on the employment skills, while working to eliminate barriers such as discrimination and affirmative action.
  • COMMUNITY EMPOWERMENT  - SCLC will continue to promote advocacy among ethnic minorities, while serving as a catalyst in building community coalitions that strengthen individual and political empowerment.

SCLC-Alabama 2620 Stillman Blvd. - Tuscaloosa, Alabama 35401