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Board of Directors

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The Honorable Charles Steele, Jr., President

Reverend Dr. Vernon Swift, Chairman of the Board

Reverend Roy Ferguson

Reverend A. A. Scales

Dr. Nimrod Reynolds

Reverend A. L. Woods, Jr.

Reverend Henry Sterling

Dr. Mary Harrington

Mr. Chester Weeks

Reverend Ralph Jelks, Jr.

Colonel Stonewall Johnson

The Honorable Spiver Gordon

Dr. John Alford

Ms. Rosetta Sellers

Representative Alvin Homes

The Honorable John England

Reverend Schmitt Moore

Mrs. Gertrude Nettles

Reverend Jerry Seay

Dr. Gertie Lowe

Mrs. Georgia Hamilton

SCLC-Alabama 2620 Stillman Blvd. - Tuscaloosa, Alabama 35401